Safety Management

Learn how to develop and manage safety at workplace.

Safety Management (for managers / safety managers)


  1. Multiple choice / checkbox 
  1. Describe your working environment and the biggest challenges in (developing) work safety 

Safety Management (for managers / safety managers) 

DAY 1 

  • Summary of pre-assignments 
  • Safety organisation 
  • Safety tasks and roles 
  • Basic principles of work safety 
  • Occupational safety – costs or savings? 

DAY 2 

  • Safety monitoring and observations 
  • Developing safety at workplace 
  • Safety Management annual tasks 
  • Safety Management planning 

DAY 3 

  • Objectives and goals in safety management 
  • Goal setting and follow-up 
  • Examples and cases 
  • Teamwork and practices 
  • Emergency management – Planning and actions in case of emergency