Proactive driving course

During the RAEK course, i.e. anticipatory driving of heavy equipment, drivers gain more skills for safe driving, avoiding dangerous situations, identifying risk factors and taking them into account in their own operations. In the REAK course, you also learn to act correctly in critical situations and at the extreme limits of foresight, as well as to minimize personal and material damage in the event of an accident.
Drivers of heavy equipment learn to better consider the risks related to other drivers and vehicles, light traffic, the road traffic environment and conditions, as well as themselves, their vehicle and their job.
Who is the REAK course suitable for and who trains?
REAK is intended for drivers of heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses and heavy vehicle combinations.
The trainers are REAK trainers trained and authorized by Liikenneturva.
The content of the REAK or heavy equipment predictive driving course
• Proactive and economical driving
• Condition of the vehicle
• Risks and their identification
• Driving speeds
• Overtaking with a heavy vehicle
• Acting in accident situations.