Piloting the drone

This course introduces how piloting the drone.

The student knows how to prepare the drone for flight

  • familiarizes himself with the regulations for flying a drone aircraft
  • take the A1/A3 (Finnish test for drone users) online theory test for flying a Drone aircraft
  • ensure the drone’s aircraft class when deploying it
  • prepares the drone for the mission
  • check the structure of the drone and the power sources used
  • to test fly a drone aircraft
  • defines the airworthiness of a drone aircraft.

The student knows how to control the Drone

  • master the control and flying of a drone aircraft
  • controls and flies an unmanned aircraft as required by legislation
  • takes care of his own and the group’s occupational safety

The student knows how to control the Drone safely

  • report an anomaly
  • use the organization’s feedback system
  • takes into account matters affecting flight safety and human factors in his work
  • operates in accordance with the ethical values ​​of aviation
  • keeps the work environment neat and orderly

The student knows how to control the Drone for various purposes

  • controls the Drone aircraft according to the instructions received in quality documentation, construction site logistics planning or occupational safety inspections

The student stops piloting the Drone

  • pilot the Drone aircraft down safely
  • prepares the further use of the Drone aircraft
  • saves a recording filmed with a Drone aircraft