The ADR basic course introduces you to the transport of dangerous goods. In the course, you will acquire transport rights for piece goods, i.e. ADR driving license. An ADR driver’s license is required from the driver if he transports substances classified as dangerous in excess of the minimum permitted quantities.

In ADR training, the driver receives information about the risks associated with transporting dangerous goods, how to avoid accident situations, and the necessary measures in accident situations to protect people, property and the environment, and to limit the effects of an accident.

Those who have satisfactorily completed the course and the related driver’s license test can apply for an ADR basic driver’s license. The permit is valid for 5 years. If you have an expiring ADR driver’s license, you can renew it with the ADR refresher course.

As alternatives, ADR basic course (P) and ADR combined basic course (YP)

ADR basic course (P)

• In the basic course, you get a basic driver’s license for the transport of bulk goods (the license does not include the transport of explosives and radioactive goods).

• Duration 3 days / 18 hours + practical exercise.

ADR Combined Basic Course (YP)

• The combined basic course acquires a combined basic driver’s license for transporting bulk goods (the license includes transporting explosives and radioactive goods).

• Duration 4 days / 26 hours + practical exercise.